The Importance Of Team Communication

Due to their size, SMEs lack expertise in human resources management. They struggle to develop and implement staff strategies. Our research confirms that SMEs are doing little to effectively manage their staff or reduce staff risks. Only 26% of SMEs have any strategies for staff attraction, retention or motivation, a 4% fall from last year.

Many SMEs lack expertise in recruitment, and can struggle to find the right person, or replace staff when they leave. The best SMEs are nimble, using their smaller scale as a strength, and take a creative approach to recruitment.

While a small majority (55%) of SMEs believed their staff were engaged to grow the business, 30% of SMEs indicated their staff were not engaged. Despite this concern most SMEs haven’t developed strategies or plans to encourage or improve productivity.

Approximately one in four (27%) SMEs had a staff incentive plan to generate positive behaviours, and generate more sales and profits. These SMEs often reported the great benefits of a motivated workplace.

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